Wednesday, August 6, 2014

North Denali to Fairbanks

We wake to rain and poke along a short wildflower trail before enjoying a breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. Our destination today is Fairbanks, where we plan to spend the night and following day catching up on work and procuring last-minute supplies, before finally beginning our trip down the 415 mile Dalton Highway...

It is along this section of highway that we encounter the dreaded and feared Alaskan bird of prey - our first mosquitoes of the trip. We are well armed with bug spray and Zip is too heavy for them to carry off, so we escape their lust for our blood mostly intact.

I haven't been to Fairbanks in seven years, and it's been even longer for Taz, and while we aren't planning to play tourist, I am eager to walk the streets and surround myself with the pioneering spirit that heralds back to the Fairbanks Gold Rush days.

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