Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Change is in the Air

It is autumn in Alaska, and as a light dusting of snow creeps slowly down the hillside, the air is cooling and mornings bring a beautiful display of frost coating the lawn. A few bright flowers remain, clinging to life, and I am touched by their fragility and their strength.

As the natural world around me shifts and transitions between seasons, so does my internal world bend and twist, lean and circle, weave and contort. Many personal changes are afoot, with doors opening and closing and a breathtaking expanse of new vistas visible on the horizon. As this beautiful, new path is being laid out before me, I am eager to walk forward with an open heart of gratitude and wonder, but instead find myself struggling to let go of threads that bind me to old patterns and thoughts. In the midst of an opportunity for incredible possibility and promise, I am overwhelmed with fear and struggling to find the courage to embrace it all. Still, I am fully awake and committed to moving forward, even if it just one teeny, tiny baby step one day at a time...