Sunday, April 6, 2014

Poem A Day - Day 6 - Night

As Night Comes to Play

Words slip for my pen like a whore stepping out of her corset
The blank page an eager lover naked and inviting
to soar
Vowels drop and consonants droop like water from the ever-dripping kitchen faucet
Daaaamn u
Damnn meee
Ddamn the whole lot of uss
Yes, you too, you their shrunk down in the corner covered in cobwebs, claiming anonymity
With those long legs and bundled breasts, shrinking violet is not your lot in life
More like chorus girl
Lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree
b g r x and z too
Voluptuous vowels and constant consonants
Keeping me company as the minutes on the grandfather clock tick, tock, tick, tock
And I long to write something, anything of "substance"
Knowing that my words are my children, running scattered here and there
Finally coming home to rest, hot chocolate with marshmallows from a hearty mug
And laying tossled hair on cool pillows
Waiting for the Fairy Princess in our dreams to rescue us
From the words that chase us through the dark forest
The words we claim before we embrace our happily ever after.

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