Sunday, April 6, 2014

Poem A Day - Day 7 - Self-Portrait

Self Portrait

On the third Tuesday of every month I leap from beneath the covers
dancing and playing and swirling
as the ever-changing light plays its peek-a-boo games through the blinds.
The innocence of childlike bliss fills me
my feet wandering through the moments
as they pass minutes to hours.

On this grey Monday I hover beneath the warm flannel sheets
groaning and twisting and waiting
as the shadows throw themselves against the walls.
Melancholy leans its weight upon my shoulders
my breath narrowing to brief inhalations
as they shallow reflect and pause.

On Thursday afternoons my light and dark embrace,
flirting and touching and dancing
as the hardwood floors creak and sigh to their frenzied tango.
Windows fly open and shutters swing on their hinges
my fingers bounding across faded piano keys
as they wrestle me to myself.

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