Saturday, April 5, 2014

Poem A Day - Day 5 - Discovery

Like ancient petroglyphs scratched across rugged, rocky surfaces
A crisscrossing pattern of lines juts haphazardly outward from the corners of my eyes
As the days and months, moments and years pass, these wrinkles etch themselves Deeper and deeper
A pronouncement of reconciliation for the chronicle of my life
Hope and hopelessness, health and stress, wonder and fear, joy and anger
Great choices, poor choices, choices not made and choices made without my say
No archaeologist invades my face seeking knowledge
No friend
No lover
No child
I am the keeper of these tales
They are my rite of passage
These lifelines
A legacy hard won
Creases marching across the landscape that is mirrored back to me
Displayed for public consumption, reverence or shunning
Listen, listen they whisper
My own story folding and unfolding
Bow down to me and I will bow down to you
These ancient petroglyphs scratched across rugged rocky surfaces

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