Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Adventure

We traveled 1,000 miles from Homer to Deadhorse in 19 days. Waylaid in Fairbanks for 4 days to get our truck repaired, we encountered only one problem across the long Haul Road with its varied terrain - a flat tire just 50 miles south of Deadhorse. Taz was prepared with tools and an extra tire, so after just a couple of hours, we were back on our way....

We consider ourselves blessed to have had great weather, incredible hiking opportunities, delightful interactions with locals and other travelers, a working fridge full of food since supplies along the way were meager, being able to walk alongside the pipeline, vast views of the Yukon River valley, alpine Brooks Range, White Mountains, Atigun Pass - forests and alpine that was so beautiful we were rendered speechless.

While initially unappealing to both of us, the pipeline turned out to provide an easy access to hiking and allowed us to bring Zip in his chariot along on our adventures.

Now as we prepare to head back down the road, we are eager to experience autumn even more in its full splendor, revisit favorite communities and people, hike new trails and hope to see herds of caribou and muskox.


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