Friday, August 22, 2014


Arriving into Deadhorse, we were welcomed by sunshine and friendly locals eager to help us settle in for a couple of days. This oil camp community of around 4,000 is the gateway for the oilfields of Prudhoe Bay and has been an incredible juxtaposition of natural beauty surrounded by "ugly", man made structures and landscape, affording incredible opportunities for unique photography. While on first view, Deadhorse seems cold and sterile, taking the time to talk to longtime workers and take a tour out to the Ocean and around the camp, we were amazed by the history of this area and the stories that workers are eager to share.

We hope to return here again one day to have more time to explore and spend time with people. Just as we came to enjoy our time exploring the roads alongside the pipeline that afforded many miles of adventures and views, we have come to appreciate the hard working individuals who call this rugged area home for two, three and four weeks at a time.

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