Sunday, August 24, 2014

Leaving Deadhorse

After spending three days exploring the oil camp town of Deadhorse, meeting numerous locals and other travelers and finding endless inspiration for photography, we head back down the Dalton Highway beneath sunny skies and into a landscape of autumn colors. Driving the road north to south as we head towards home, we are excited to return to this road we have come to love, and to experience it in the reverse direction.

One of the surprises that awaited us upon our arrival into Deadhorse was the requirement to wear plastic booties over our shoes when entering the motels, to keep the dirt and mud out of the main areas. Even while we are driving away, I leave my booties on and it is only when they rip apart and fall right off my feet during a short hike that I at last bid them and this fascinating community of workers farewell.

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Pat Birch said...

Awesome tundra fall colors!