Monday, August 25, 2014

Hauling Ass Down the Haul Road

Needing to be back in Homer in just a week, we will be covering more distance each day than we did during our drive north, when it was not unusual for us to drive just six or sixty miles in a day.  Heading south, our camper is again loaded down with extra gas, tires, propane and food, and this weight combined with  the road conditions of alternating mud, gravel, broken asphalt and washboard bumps, along with the steep hills and long and winding curves keep us maintaining our slower pace. 

We average 30 miles an hour and when we drive 100 miles in one day, Taz and I look at one another and laugh because this is a record distance for us during this trip. Still, we take numerous breaks from driving to hike, do photography, explore and walk the pipeline maintenance road. 

Autumn colors await us around every corner and at last we see evidence of wildlife and the herds of caribou we'd been hearing were in the area.


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Lorrene said...

Wow! Stunning!! Spectacular!!! What an adventure in an awe-inspiring place!!!!