Monday, June 9, 2014

Favorite Accommodations along my Maritime Moments - 1 - Wendy Johnston's Studio and B&B

One afternoon, traveling through New Brunswick and making my way towards Nova Scotia, I seek respite from several cold nights of camping, eager for a comfortable bed and a hot bath. Leaving the beautiful, unique rock formations at Hopewell Rocks, I happen upon Wendy Johnston's Gallery and Studio sign that also notes her B&B accommodations. Drawn into her gallery/studio by the bright colors and open atmosphere, I am immediately smitten by the vast array of artisan's work that she carries, as well as her own pottery, housed in her studio space at the back of the gallery.

Wendy is warm and welcoming and I ask if I can view one of the two available rooms she has and as soon as I peek in on the private suites, I feel at home and very quickly settle in to relax and do some writing. From the oversized bed with candies on the pillows to the large jacuzzi tub, the original artwork adorning the walls to the tranquil view, the open and spacious room that is tastefully decorated and her surprising me with a snack, I am awash in peace and stillness. This haven, this nest is just what my body, mind and spirit needed and I spend the evening writing, watching the sun set, visiting with her kitty and listening to the wind outside my window. When at last I settle into the bed after a long bath, I feel like a queen, tucked beneath warm covers, my head resting on cool, soft pillows. This might be the most comfortable, luxurious bed I have ever slept in. Before I can turn a page in my book, I am fast asleep...

Thank you Wendy for hosting me in your beautiful B&B. What a gift this has been to this weary traveler...

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