Saturday, May 10, 2014

Welcome Sping!

Spring knocked on our door these past weeks.

Brown trees are bursting out in bud, symphonies of songbirds fills our mornings and evenings, soaring and calling cranes fly over the house and land in the hay fields behind us, extreme tidal fluctuations leave colorful seastars behind on the mudflats and then lap at our boots as we race to get back to shore, perennial flowers are stretching towards the heavens, butterflies and bees alight on dandelions, our lawn is a carpet of brilliant green, moose wander the neighborhood, spiders weave their webs in the night and when the morning light caresses them, dew drops glisten like glitter, garage sale signs line the intersection of the main drive through town, tents and motorhomes parade the beachfront campground and long days of sunshine have us all dancing in the warm outdoors, shedding off any last remaining vistages of winter and leaning in to the light.

This is spring in Alaska.

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