Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Roadtrip!

Originally, my May/June adventure was to include a week in North Carolina with Taz's family and then a month volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Romania. This plan got averted when my sister Susie invited me to my nephew Stephen's graduation in Edmonton, Alberta...

So, switching gears, today begins my Plan B six week adventure, including North Carolina, New York City, the Atlantic provinces of Canada, Alberta, Canada and then back to Alaska...

During this time, I will be traveling mainly by train, including a long haul of 65 hours by Amtrak from New York City and Seattle.

Here's my "itinerary":

May 13 - 18 - In North Carolina to celebrate Johnny and Beth's 40-year wedding anniversary

May 19 - 29 - Train from North Carolina to New York City to play and reconnect with friends and my favorite places

May 30 - June 14 - Train from New York City to Maine and then a two-week exploration of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island by rental car and bike

June 14 - Train from Maine back to New York City

June 15 - 18 - Train from New York City to Seattle

June 18 - Crash and burn overnight respite in Seattle

June 19 - Fly to Edmonton

June 19 - 29 - With family and friends in northern Alberta

June 30 - Return to Alaska, accompanied by my long-time friend Susan 

Stay tuned for updates!

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