Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Poem A Day - Day 15 - Love and Anti-Love


Tall trees
Reaching ever upward tilting forward
Shedding leaves like a winter jacket
Naked bare, then blooms bursting
Bend and creak
The lifting breeze sways you so
Nesting birds, crawling ants, a squirrel hides chattering chattering
Splendid form with roughened skin where bodies lean
Ancient roots and layers of years
Your life force calling
Calling out to me


Raging fire
Scorches through the forest
Shaking canopy
Knocking large timbers to their knees
Exposed roots
Charcoal trunks
Leaving a desolate wasteland
Carpet of dark black soot carves a path through the distance
Birch and pine
Needles splayed in dying embers
Ancient legacy of primeval story
Smoldering stillness envelopes the woods
Dripping sap
Sprouting green
Singing lark
Life force calling
Calling out to me

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