Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Camino de Santiago - Still Walking

Buen Camino: A Pilgrim's Journey is my exhibit of photographs from my time on the Camino de Santiago in the fall of 2011. This exhibit will be on display at the Homer Public Library for the months of April, May and June. 

Tonight, I'll give a talk and slideshow presentation during the opening reception. This will be the ninth presentation I've given in various States as well as in Canada on my 500 mile walk across Spain! I'm thrilled that there is such overwhelming response to this pilgrimage. 

There is a new documentary out on the Camino: I haven't seen it, but it has received good reviews.  Of course, the movie The Way was and continues to be a big hit to pilgrims and the curious.

Two and a half years after my Camino, I'm still walking...


Lorrene said...

Great photos, would love to see your presentation or exhibit. Sort of makes me want to try that walk too...

Christina Whiting said...

Hi Lorrene.
I highly recommend this walk, all of it or part of it.
You would not regret it!
If you have any questions on it, email me and I'm happy to connect.