Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Having injured my knee while skiing yesterday, I spent today housebound and ultimately basking in the wonderful caring of friends and neighbors who brought well wishes, gifts and goodies my way.

This was the first time in nine years that I was in Homer for Christmas and though my injury kept me from skiing and walking the beach as I'd planned, it was a beautiful day filled with much love, light, beauty and silent contemplation... along with chocolate, Christmas movies, phone calls, face time calls, chocolate, skype calls, emails,  snuggling on the couch with Zip and Angel, and chocolate.

My Christmas Day was one of simple joy, where my banged up knee forced me to be still, allowing me to savor every moment. What an unexpected and lovely gift.  Sometimes the Universe provides what we didn't even know we needed...

I hope your day was a very special one too, filled with many blessings!

Ho Ho Ho from Homer
Hot cup of tea in my new mug from Kevin and Holley
Angel in Repose
Christmas socks
Zip with treats
Angel with catnip
Baking cookies
Janice's decorations
Janice's decorations 2
Janice's snow globe
A Christmas toast

Gifts friends drop by as a joke to help me deal with knee injury
Janice lends me her knee brace
Ornament gift from Darlene
Remembering Christmas last year in New York City
Chocolate treats from friends
Doug and Katie's cinnamon buns
My favorite jelly, thanks to Joseph and Irene!
Canada Goose ornament from Janice
Gifts from Mom
Mom's cookies

A new Christmas tradition - thanks Mom
New and old ornaments adorn our tree

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