Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve - A Good Day to Ski = an Injured Knee

Zip and I enjoyed a great afternoon ski to celebrate Christmas Eve.  The trails were icy and I was having difficulty staying upright on the bumpy, slick path. I was too excited to be out skiing that I didn't listen to my instinct to stop and instead, I kept on skiing.  On the return back to the trailhead, I lost control of my skis, took a turn too quickly, followed by a jump over an unexpected mound of snow and wiped out.  As I fell, I heard my left knee pop and an immediate rush of nausea kept me on the ground for a few minutes while I regained my bearings and my balance.

With my leg wrapped, iced and elevated, I was able to still enjoye dinner at my friend's house.

Hopefully, this injury is just a strain or a sprain and nothing more serious.  That's what I want in my stocking...

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