Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Inspired by New Yorkers - Janese

I'm constantly amazed by New Yorkers who impress and inspire me.  Janese, a park ranger I met last February at the amaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, just published her first book, a children's book, The Summer Adventures of Landin Henry.

"After receiving a summer assignment from his teacher to learn about his ancestors, Landin Henry, an eight year old Staten Island, New York boy, spends the summer with his grandparents learning about his unique family history. This historical fiction children's book is based on real people and places and follows Landin on a time-traveling journey back into his ancestry, as told through the stories of his grandparents."  

Janese is already working on other 'Landin adventures' for what will become a series. She's also been approached by families asking her to write their stories in a similar format.

Congratulations Janese!!!  

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