Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Yesterday, I spent an hour with the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge staff trying to find the owner and a place that would take a dog that followed a visitor to the center from the nearby community of Broad Channel.  Phone call after phone call to SPCA's, animal shelters, the fire station and police station were to no avail and the staff and I found ourselves frustrated about what would happen to this beautiful, sweet young dog.

I finally had to just walk away because there was nothing more that I could do.  As I was waiting on the corner for a bus, two officers in a State Park police cruiser stopped at the red light and I shared with them what was going on.  Dog lovers themselves, they joined me back in the refuge and spent nearly another hour making phone calls themselves, again, to no avail.

We all agreed that all we could do was to let the dog go when they had to close and hope that he made his way home, walking back along the busy freeway the way he'd come.  This morning, I'd called the Refuge and they said he wasn't there when they opened and they went for a drive and didn't see a dead dog on the road...

Really?  In a city with thousands of animal shelters and SPCA organizations, no one was able to offer any assistance?  How incredibly disappointing.  Please keep this beautiful dog in your thoughts and hope that he first, has a home and second, made it home...

I was also frustrated because I'm not in a situation to be able to take him... if I was, I would have.  So instead, my heart aches for him and I wonder how he is and where he is, if he's loved and cared for. 

This happens very frequently to me, that animals cross my path needing help.  Tonight, I couldn't help...

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