Monday, May 13, 2013

25 Days: The Last Leg of My Great Saunter: 42 Street to Battery Park

Today I completed the last portion of my walk along the perimeter of Manhattan, on the Hudson River side.

The section between 42nd Street and Battery Park was quiet, peaceful and despite some areas being right next to the highway, I walked later in the day to take advantage of the lower light and also caught rush hour, which made the traffic slow moving and much more pleasant to walk near.

So close to the city, the differing lanes for cyclists, runners and walkers are clearly marked, clearly ignored and bustling with everyone enjoying the sunny day.  This was a spring, spandex day!

A highlight for me was the endless view of the city's many water towers.  Perched high on top of apartments and businesses, these relics are for the most part now unused, steel beacons from the past, replaced by underground pipes, but for now, they stand tall, lighthouses for those who've walked these city streets for the past fifty years.

As the sun set behind the New Jersey cityscape, the midnight blue water was dotted with little white sailboats, and the Statue of Liberty lit up, a beacon across the river.  The cool wind picked up, and as I walked the border around Battery Park, a coffee stand at the Staten Island Ferry office beckoned me, providing warmth and comfort for the journey home.

Up next, my walk on the East River side... 

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