Wednesday, May 15, 2013

23 Days: Here, There and Everywhere

My day begins in Foley Square in lower Manhattan, where I meet up with Sarah, a woman I met in Brooklyn a month ago when she was selling her We Will Not be Silent t-shirts on the street.

Today, this group of individuals are demonstrating to get a woman out of jail on a compassionate release, so that she can go home and be with her family  while she's dying.  You can read the story of this woman's incarceration at

After standing with them for an hour, I walk across the Williamsburg Bridge and make my way through the streets of Williamsburg, a Brooklyn community that is a nest for artists and to the Brooklyn Brewery.  Here, I meet up with Chris, a man from my acting class, and we chat and enjoy the two hour brewery tour and beer tasting.  

From here, I walk a few blocks to the neighborhood of Greenpoint, and the last stop on the G train.  With a fantastic view of both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge, as well as midtown Manhattan, I watch the sun fall and dip behind the city skyline, casting an orange glow against the midnight blue sky.

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