Thursday, May 16, 2013

22 Days: East River Walk - Part 1

Walking from 207th Street to Battery Park on the Hudson River side was a great way to explore the city, so I decide to walk on the East River side now.

By noon, it's 79 degrees and I'm regretting my decision to walk so early in the day.  What saves me from heat exhaustion is the fact that I'm walking alongside the East River, and catching the breeze coming off the cool waters. 

I make it to 155th Street, and find shade in a coffee shop where I people watch from the cool, welcoming interior bustling with locals and visitors, working and chatting.

Ah, there are so many things to do in this city and I am constantly having to make choices...

I hate to leave Harlem in the late afternoon as the air is beginning to cool, but The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival is happening in Brooklyn, and I'm eager to attend, so I'll return to walk more tomorrow, in the later afternoon.  There are four films being shown tonight at the film festival and one, If These Knishes Could Talk, about the history of the New York Accent, is something I'm extremely interested in.

Watch the trailer here:  

This film and the others are excellent, and I stay afterwards and participate in the question and answer time with the film makers.  I also attend the after-screening party at a nearby bar.

These film makers are very easygoing and are quick to offer lots of suggestions and insight to those of us bouncing queries off of themHeading home beneath the starry sky, I'm inspired yet again by the creativity and warmth of New Yorkers who have fully embraced the artistic lifestyle, and who are dancing with their muse.  My step is light, with a bounce and a skip, as I make my way to down to catch the F train home.

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