Saturday, May 25, 2013

13 Days 2: Just to Be

With just two weeks left in the city, I had intended to spend yesterday exploring one of my favorite places as well as a place I'd not yet been to.  Instead, I drank coffee, walked, read, cried a bit, and kept mostly to myself, all the while pondering both the time that I've been here, and the time that remains.  

It's my nature as an adventurous, curious person to explore, to run here, there and everywhere in search of it all.  Certainly in this city that never sleeps, I've embraced this, not wanting to miss out on anything, trying to take in everything, all the while knowing that's an impossible task. This running about takes me to amazing places and in to the lives of interesting people, and it also leaves me feeling restless, unsatisfied and always yearning for more, for other.  

Yesterday, I practiced just being: being still, being centered, settling in to a deeper awareness of my surroundings.  Allowing myself to be so fully present in each moment was a tremendous gift, and I came to see the value in my stillness, as well as in scattering my energies about.

Today, my goal is to work towards spending less time trying to be other than who I am, and more time celebrating the goodness, the creativity and the playfulness that lies within me, squirming to run free...

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