Saturday, May 25, 2013

13 Days 3: Nifty New Jersey

I take full advantage of the cooler, rainy day to walk across the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan to New Jersey, a noisy walk with a beautiful view of both areas.

I spend the next seven hours meandering along the Hudson River walkway in the drizzling rain and through the communities of Port Imperial, West New York, Weehawken, and finally, arriving in to Hoboken.

This walk along the Hudson River provides startlingly clear views of the Manhattan skyline beneath alternating gray and clear skies.  The vestiges of the original piers lend a nostalgic feel and make for fantastic photography, set against rolling dark clouds and water choppy from passing boats.

I wander the riverfront, treating myself to dinner and a drink and am treated to more drinks, with shouts of "You're the first person from Alaska we've ever met", coming from the bar.

I walk back out to the river to watch the sun set and find that except for a family of Canada geese and a solitary duck, I'm alone on the dock, with the lights of Manhattan twinkling across the river.  

Soaking in the quiet, I smile, knowing that  just a mile across the dark waters, Times Square is noisy, bright and crowded.  Here, in this little enclave of peacefulness, I relax in to a New Jersey state of mind.

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