Monday, April 15, 2013

53 Days - A Taxing Day

This morning I bend and breathe my way through the 8am yoga class, and I intend to return for the 5pm.

Da da da da da...

It's now 7pm and I've been working on my taxes for the past eight hours.  My ass is numb and as each of the error messages glares back at me from my computer screen, I'm getting more angry and more frustrated.  Angry at myself for waiting so long to do my taxes and frustrated because it feels like I've just wasted one of my precious 53 days left in the city.

So this is day 53 of my countdown... a letdown!

A late night walk in nearby Prospect Park to "cool my jets" quenches my thirst for beauty and calms my soul.  I walk among the trees along the dirt path next to the pond, as the light fades, and along with it, my foul mood.

Tomorrow is another day to explore and venting via email on the injustice of my taxing day (!!), I received Beth's sage wisdom that there are days when one does what one wants and there are days when one does what one must...


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