Tuesday, April 16, 2013

52 Days - Fort Greene Park & Walking the Manhattan Bridge

Today, I wander Fort Green Park, one of the places that was on Taz's list.  Not at all on my to do radar, I'm immediately smitten by this park with its incredible array of trees. The noisy walk here through downtown Brooklyn and ten blocks from the subway stop is well worth the feast that awaits my heart.  I spend hours wandering among the Gingko, Pin Oak, Horsechestnut, Black Cherry, Honey Locust and Elm trees, grateful for their beauty and the shade they provide in the heat of this spring day.  

Walking back down the paved streets, I snag the subway and wind my way to the base of the Manhattan Bridge While this walk provides beautiful views of the Brooklyn Bridge, of lower Manhattnan's skyline, and of the endless splashes of graffiti color blasted along both the nearby buildings and on the bridge itself, I'm exhausted by the constant noise of the trains roaring by and the traffic on the streets below 

I want to photograph this area of the city that I've not yet explored, the heart of China Town, but my energy is depleted, and so I make a note to return here another day.  

With so much to do and see in the city, and my wanting to do it all and see it all, it's easy to tap my reserves. The F train shuttles me home and I fall asleep reading, waking at 6am to the chorus of birds in the tree outside my window.  Replenishment is mine!

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