Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh Henry

Having honored the anniversary of losing Spankee, our other feline companion Henry is facing the same illness.  I think it is very unfair, unfair for Henry most of all, but unfair also for Taz and for me, for we know what is in store, what to expect.  You might think that having gone through this same disease just two years ago would make the process less painful, but it doesn't; in fact, perhaps, it is even more difficult because we are not naiive this time around, no longer can we be innocents, hoping for the best.  

Still grieving Spankee's death, we now tuck in to prepare for another loss on the horizon, while yet embracing and loving Henry in every moment that we have to be with him. The work of caring for Henry, giving him daily fluids, making sure he eats, his visits to the Vet, all of his caregiving falls on the shoulders of Taz.  

I'm ashamed to be so 4,000 miles from home...

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