Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ten Things I Learned from Taz During His Visit

1.   Slow down.  Wherever I am in this moment is good.  I don't always have to be rushing off to the next thing, thinking I'm missing something.  I will always be missing something when I'm running to and fro.  Slow down and stop long enough to not only smell the flowers, but to let the fragrance sink in.

2. Really, really enjoy the small delights of conversations with people.  There is much to be learned in these.  Some days I am witnessing someone else's story and some days they are witnessing mine.  These unexpected meetings are one of the main reasons I'm in the city.

3. Good food is nourishment for the heart and for the soul.  Coffee and sugar are a treat and not intended to be a meal.

4. Being open and vulnerable allows others to get close to me.  There's a reason that people are drawn to speak with me.  Enjoy the connections.

5. It is possible and desirable to rediscover myself and the world around me on a daily basis.

6. I am worthy of the happiness and joy that I seek.  I have the ability to bring what I want in to my life.  In fact, even though I might not be aware of it, I'm doing so right now.

7. Patience is a virtue.  I need and want to have more patience.

8.  It is good to laugh at myself.  Taking things so seriously prevents me from being more spontaneous.

9. Holding on to old baggage and insisting on feeling bad about myself is holdin me back.  Let it go.  Just let it all fall by the wayside and move on fully in to the life that I'm creating for myself.

10.  Life's an adventure and I'm on a big one.  Embrace it all!

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