Monday, December 3, 2012

Changing Perspectives

There are times when something or a series of somethings occur that cause us to change our view of the world, of how we are in the world, or both.

These past weeks have been eye openers in many ways, where many of my assumptions have been challenged and I've been both deliciously delighted and soberly saddened.  It's an interesting thing, to step to the side and to take a new perspective on life, and my life, in New York City.

From revisiting the reasons that I moved here, to the different ways that I've been looking for work, to noting how I interact with strangers when I'm in a good mood verses when I'm in a bad mood, to the many ways I hold myself back, to the many ways I throw myself in to my creativity, to maintaining perspective when my resumes don't inspire an interview, to discovering what motivates me and what deflates me, to seeking clarity on the life I'm creating here...

This journey is a real trip!


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