Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The People

All along the Haul Road, we met interesting and friendly locals carving out their lives and creative, energetic and road weary travelers making their way to or from Deadhorse, as well as Gary and Lara from Homer. We experienced many kindnesses and made friends we are eager to keep in touch with. 

One of our favorite communities along the road is Wiseman, population 14, the staging and starting location for wilderness explorer and author Bob Marshall and many of his famous explorations into the then unchartered Brooks Range. We spend hours listening to a local man named Clutch share stories of life in the Far North and we are eager to see him again on our way back through.

From hitch hikers to cyclists, bikers to drivers, all manner of individual take to the Haul Road for its scenery, adventure and characters found along the way. Each person that sets out on this incredible journey does so for reasons that are as unique as they are.

As for us, we traveled the Haul Road with few pre-conceived notions, but hoping for vast landscapes, incredible hiking opportunities, interesting characters a variety of unexpected adventures and endless photographic inspiration. We were both delighted at all that we encountered. We expect our return journey south to be as filled with adventure and fun!

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