Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fairbanks or Bust

We limp into a service station in Fairbanks after changing a flat tire, with the heavy of smell of burnt oil accosting our senses. According to the mechanic, in order for us to get home safely, our options for repairing the front end of our truck include a hefty repair bill or purchasing a brand new or used pickup truck. Thanks to Taz's creativity, ingenuity and mechanical experience, we are able to avoid both the bill and purchase of a replacement vehicle and we are soon back off down the highway.

Considering the rough roads, the miles we've driven and the load of our camper, we are very grateful for our safety and for the minor vehicles issues we've had to deal with. Our guardian angels at work!!

We decide to return to Homer via Delta Junction rather than the Parks Highway, due to heavy construction in that area and to experience a different scenic route. We are delighted to find autumn colors await us here as well...

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