Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Return to Wiseman

This tiny mining community of 12 year round residents captured our hearts when we stopped in on our trip north. Heading south and homeward bound, we stop in to reconnect with new friends, soak in the glorious sunshine and once again enjoy the rustic surroundings that are now blanketed in fall colors. 

From the Trading Post and its honor system jar to the tiny chapel with its slanting walls to the original cabins that make up most of the homes here that are tucked alongside the Hammond River and dwarfed by the Brooks Range, but especially to the locals who welcomed us so graciously, this is a community and area we can see ourselves spending a lot more time exploring!

If you're a fan of adventure travel, be sure to read Arctic Village by Robert Marshall, written in the 1930's and his account of exploring Wiseman.

As their t-shirt says, "If you haven't been to Wiseman, you haven't been to Alaska!"

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