Friday, July 25, 2014

An Alaskan Summer

Summer in Alaska is brief, but beautiful.  With the passing of Solstice, the days are already becoming noticeably shorter and the wildflowers are in full bloom, reaching ever upward into the light, inspiring Alaskans to do the same.

I am intoxicated by the breathtaking beauty of the field of fireweed behind our house, just beyond my studio window. These sentinels with their hot pink flowers stretch to the skies and beckon me away from my desk and outside to play.

In late April, the Sandhill Cranes return to nest in the fields nearby, their haunting calls can be heard long before they are seen. Flocks fly directly over our house and we bask in their elegance and beauty. When they circle and begin their ascent to leave us in early September, we celebrate their survival, while grieving their departure. Witnessing this marvel of the annual migration leaves us nearly breathless...

During the summer months, we are also blessed with extreme low tides that have us running for the beach in our mud boots in search of seastars, octopus, sea anenomes and more...

These are just a few of the highlights of summer in Alaska... Wish you were here?

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