Friday, June 13, 2014

North to Cape Breton Island

There is so much to see along the scenic Cabot Trail. I stop for hikes, scenic vistas and anything else that catches my eye. My first day in Nova Scotia, I only drive 8 kilometers!

I had planned to camp each night, but with heavy rains and high winds, I find myself retreating to an occasional B&B or hotel. This is a hit to my budget, but well worth it when I am nestled beneath a blanket of bubbles in a hot tub, with a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other.

I am constantly impressed with the incredible friendliness of locals who think nothing of chatting with me for hours. The beaches are fabulous, with deep brown sand and I even come upon a garnet beach, with its red sand mixing with lighter colors. Everywhere I look, I see lobster fishing boats at work or rest and lobster traps lined up against buildings, propped up against doors, on the side of roads with for sale signs for travelers like me who are eager to take a bit of Nova Scotia home (though I can't take a trap home because my suitcase is to small and already filled with rocks and sand).  I love being able to take my time and wander aimlessly off the beaten path and bump in to people and places; this way, I feel like I stumble into the heart of a community, rather than skimming the surface. 

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