Saturday, June 14, 2014

Neil's Harbor

While wandering about, I bump into a group of fisherman and spend hours talking with them. Charles invites me to join him on his boat in the morning, 4am to be exact, and I'm excited to experience something that is such a large part of this area. So, I spend the day exploring Neil's Harbor and the surrounding area. 

Charles tell me about a place called White Point and I make the journey out along a very bumpy road, park at his uncle's B&B and walk the half mile in. Cresting the hill, I have to blink and remember that I am in Nova Scotia, as I could swear I am in Ireland! This place quickly becomes a favorite for me.

At lunchtime, I head to the only restaurant in town and talk to Samantha, the cook/waitress/server - turns out she is the girlfriends of Charles' deckhand Norm. When she finds out I'm fishing with the boys tomorrow, she makes me a sandwich and lends me all manner of gear including a hat, gloves, jacket and boots for the trip ahead. With such kindness and proximity, I feel very much at home.

When I tell Charles that I have seen hundreds of signs saying to watch for moose but have yet to see a moose, he offers to take me out to look for one. Our roadtrip takes us back the road I came in to Neil's Harbor on and we have success, one moose is in the ditch drinking water! This will be the only moose I see on my entire journey of 2100 kilometers!

And off to bed for 4am fishing!


Pat Birch said...

Love your pics Tina!!! Uncle Blair especially likes the one of the moose!

Lorrene said...

White Point is breath taking! Great moose photos too