Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Weekend - Sunday Fun in The Bronx

On Sunday, I made the trek from Brooklyn to The Bronx via a two-hour subway ride to spend the day with my friend Sandrina and her family. I met Sandrina in November, 2012, sitting next to her on the subway as she journeyed home after work and I was taking the 6 train to the very last stop to explore The Bronx. We struck up a conversation and became fast friends...

Arriving into The Bronx, with the sun soaring high in the sky and temperatures at 80 degrees, I enjoyed a Hawaiian shaved ice treat while waiting for them to pick me up from the subway station.

Greeted with large hugs and an air conditioned car, Socrate, Sandrina, Anthony, Keila, Jessia, Poofy and their friends from Boston made me feel so welcome in their home which sits nestled next to Pelham Bay, with a view of the Bay and the harbor. 

We feasted on dish after delicious dish of Sandrina's traditional Albanian creations, while enjoying Socrate's homemade champagne and wine, followed by dessert and coffee. As the sun began to set, we took a ride in their boat, and soaked in the beautiful display of red, pink, blue and purple light over Pelham Bay, with Manhattan's skyscrapers fading off in the distance and the lights of the bridges reflecting in the water.

As I pack my things to leave, with Sandrina and Socrates driving me back to the subway station to journey back to Brooklyn, I am gifted with a bottle of Socrate's champagne and a bottle of wine. I am humbled and in love with these wonderful hosts!

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