Tuesday, May 27, 2014

High Line Hello

As the sun set today, I return to one of my favorite places in Manhattan, the elevated park known as The High Line. Trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers are bursting with color and fragrance. The air is cool as the sun sets, casting bright red, pink and purple streaks across the darkening sky. Couples stroll hand in hand and others lay across one another on the benches scattered along the paths. A saxaphone can be heard among the quiet din of late night traffic and drinkers and diners pouring out of cafes, pubs and bars.

Walking The High Line is always a pleasure. Not only is the green space incredibly beautiful, but the other people visiting tend to stroll aimlessly along as I do, and this is one of the places where I experience New Yorkers to be taking their time to relax and smell the flowers, lilies and morning glories, serenaded by singers and musicians, dreamers who come from all over the world to share their passion.

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