Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Free to Be

It always makes me smile a bit when I realize that while in this city where I am surrounded by strangers, I could adopt any persona I choose; that is to say, I could fake a French accent, dress goth or like a hooker, spike my hair, color it purple or wear a wig, scream or talk to myself while riding the subway and pretend to be crazy, sit on a street corner with a homemade "I'm homeless" sign and see who would give me change. 
In the end, the middle and the beginning, I am free to be me or whomever I want to be in any given moment. The freedom is delicious and intoxicating and while I spend this time wandering the streets of New York City as me, with my Alaskan/Canadian accent, casual, ready to go hiking anytime attire, ponytailed hair, talk to others on the subway and give change to the homeless, I love knowing that I could let go of inhibitions and play if I wanted to, if I were brave enough to.

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