Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First Day Back - Celebrating on Coney Island!

My goal today was to sleep in, rest, relax, get some groceries and complete the first draft of this week's writings for the newspaper. Instead, I woke early, walked the neighborhood, visited with my Deli family and caught the F train to Coney Island. Under the heat of the blazing sun, I walked up and down the boardwalk, soaking in the warmth, the laughter, the smell of sunscreen, the gritty sand beneath my bared feet and the surf slapping my toes.

Stopping at my favorite restaurant on the boardwalk, Tom's Restaurant, I'm greeted by Rafael who sees me and calls out, "Hey, Alaska".

Hours later, I finally take the F train back to my neighborhood, get a few groceries and head back to the apartment. Throwing open the red curtains and hoisting the window up for fresh air, I sit down to write, typing and glancing out at the view of this unfamiliar neighborhood that is serving as my nest for the next ten days.

Some day, I want to be writing about the place I am physically in, rather than writing about the place I call home, but for now, I am extremely grateful for this writing opportunity that provides me with an income and freedom.


Pat Birch said...

I'm anxious to visit Coney Island. Through your pictures it captures the essence and I will visit some day and experience it. Thank you.

taz said...

Love the baby & your feet in the sand images!