Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Poem a Day Challenge - Day 1 - Beginnings

Today, to further nurture my goal of a daily writing practice, I joined an online group of international writers who are taking the challenge to write a poem a day for the month of April, in honor of April is National Poetry Month. 

Because I am a writer and a photographer, I decided to expand this challenge to include a poem and a photograph, as inspired by the daily prompt.

Here's the poem I wrote and the image I shot for the Day 1 prompt - Beginnings.

Today I went looking for remnants of my life before loving you
Bits and pieces of me scattered throughout the rooms of our house
Covered with dust and cobwebs
Stashed in to corners behind closed wooden doors
Buried deep within faded boxes
Tucked under beds laden with heavy blankets that graze the floor.

It was just a thing of curiosity really, wondering if my heart would pause or skip
Moments of time to recall the spaces and places and faces of my forty years
Old love letters, postcards and poems of fading ink read and read again
Gentle caress of forgotten tarnished trinkets of silver and bronze and even gold
Dried rose petals that spill out of a metal trunk
One-eyed worn and torn stuffed animals staring resolutely back at me.

To crack open aging spines of yellowed photo albums
Pages that tightly bind the secrets of ghosts long since remembered
Pets and parents, siblings and friends, family and strangers and all in between
Former lovers whose blue, brown, gray, green eyes hold me in quiet regard
Distant voices that echo laugher and tears and promises kept and dismissed
Skinned knees, broken heart, blue ribbon stapled to a story and the blush of my first kiss.

Stashed in to the bodice of music box ballerinas that adorn sun-draped window ledges
Buried deep within the jubilant cartwheel of my long lost innocence
Bright pink candy ribbons dipped in brown sugar and vanilla frosting coated recollections
Sweet like cotton candy clouds that are at first a bear and then a bunny and then your face
Tucked just behind my fluttering heart, whispered memories on a clear cool night
Beginnings and endings scattered throughout the rooms of my heart.

If you'd like to join the challenge, it's free and you just need to register at

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