Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hobbling Towards Health Care

I wasn't planning to apply for health care, on the principle of a healthy lifestyle being the best prevention and because I don't like being told I have to do something...

Injuring my knee while skiing on Christmas Eve has been a slow journey of recovery, including expensive visits to physical therapy. Still, I was holding tight to healing with the help of strengthening exercises, ibuprofen and three times daily applications of heat and ice. 

Last weekend, I tripped down the stairs when I missed a step, wrenching my knee and causing a return to pain and discomfort. A nurse friend suggested that I might consider getting an MRI. Doing some research and getting a quote from the local hospital on the cost had me re-thinking my opposition to applying for health care.

Today, fifteen minutes before the deadline to have coverage begin March 1st, I successfully submitted my application.

For the record, I'm still pouting... 

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