Thursday, December 12, 2013

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

I live in a place that inspires me, surrounded by natural beauty and a community of creative and caring individuals. 

Today, playing with our dog Zip, I was smitten by the ease and innocence with which he interacts with the world around him.  I ache to feel such joy and to be so playful, amazed by absolutely everything.

Even though I'm engaged in activities that feed me, like my writing and photography, I often feel 'distracted' by my obligations and commitments.

Today, watching Zip, I'm inspired to slow down and set my awareness upon the little details that I often wander by and give no notice to. I'm eager to be amazed by absolutely everything because in actuality, everything is pretty amazing... the sunrise catapulting light behind the mountains snow crystals clinging to the handrail, clouds rolling across the horizon, dust settling in the corner of the room, Angel resting in my lap, the hum of the refrigerator, the keyboard I'm typing on, the sound of my own breath...

Zip, you're an inspiration!

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