Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thoughts on Art at MOMA

Oh my gosh, I was beyond excited to experience two of my favorite artists, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, at MOMA last night.

With only two hours to explore, I focused on the photography rooms and then the area of Surrealism.  Visiting Museums always makes me ponder how some work is considered worthy of placement in an establishment like MOMA, while others are not.  What makes one piece of work "art" and another not?  What is the definition of art?  My intention is not to be critical of other people's creativity, because I support creativity in all its forms, but sometimes, I'm left wondering why's and how's and a lot of hmmmm's....

This trail of thought also leads me down the path of how I am very comfortable to refer to myself as a writer and a photographer, but not as an artist.  For me, the word artist implies something very tangible, a level of "success" or achievement and perhaps I feel my work is not worthy?  Aren't we all artists on some level as we go through our days, "painting" the moments of our lives?

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