Monday, October 28, 2013

The Exhibit

I'm taking advantage of the free wifi and tables outside the Museum to work on some writing projects and visit with a few others who have their images in the Rising Waters exhibit that opens tonight.  With the exception of one very snotty New York photographer, the rest of "our group" are giddy like school children!

This exhibit is an amazing walk back through time, to the devastation of Sandy. Viewing the photographs and watching the videos throws me right back to the days immediately following Sandy, when I walked and rode the buses through the descimated streets. The exhibit is well thought out and laid out. It shares the whole story, from the destruction of Sandy through to the recovery efforts. 

My videos of Far Rockaway, Coney Island and Staten Island appear alongside a well-known local filmmaker, as Norman, who has a photograph in the exhibit keeps proudly pointing out to me.  I'm flattered and at the same time, a bit aghast by the comparison of quality.  However, I am basking in the glow of inclusion and refuse to give any attention to that nagging little voice of my inner critic that doesn't like to admit achievements. 

The staff have all come and introduced themselves to me and are welcoming and kind.  When I quietly noted to one of them that my name was misspelled, he apologized and promised to edit Christine to Christina.  He and I are even now, as we've been emailing back and forth for over a month and I thought that he, BJ, was a she. 

Here are some photos of a walk through the exhibit.

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char said...

Congratulations little Miss, did you tell us about being in this exhibit and I was not listening? Anyway, it looks like a really great show, CONGRATULATIONS!!