Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Love New York City - First Day Back!

Ah, it is good to be back...

I had a fantastic first day back, thanks to:

Ricardo, the hotel's shuttle van driver who put up with my broken Spanish.

The guys from Belgium at the Newark airport who were on their way home and who offered me their metro card that has one week remaining on it.

Nick on the F train who was wearing a bowtie made of scrabble tiles who was easy to talk with and who allowed me to take his photograph.

The man at Penn Station who didn't get mad at me when I accidentally ran my suitcase in to his knees.

The couple from Manhattan who asked me for directions in Brooklyn and offered to buy me dinner for helping them.  

The clown walking through Prospect Park who eagerly said YES when I asked if I could take her picture.

Poorhan, the owner and landlord of "my" apartment who was sitting on the front steps when I walked by and who bought me a coffee from the deli on the corner to welcome me back.

Cedric, the French man who stayed in the room next to mine at the apartment I was in last year and will be again starting tomorrow, and his wife Maria, for opening their home to me for my first night in Brooklyn.

The Gomez family hanging out on their porch who offered me fresh baked cookies while I walked my old neighborhood tonight.

The woman who gave me her extra pair of rollerblades to use out while I'm in the city.

The many Brooklynites who have decorated their homes with all manner of Halloween fright, making my first walk back in the neighborhood a fun and festive one.

Thank you!

The Line for Coffee
You are Here

Penn Station Artwork 1

Penn Station Artwork 2

Penn Station Artwork 3
Penn Station

Subway Map


Commuters 2

Commuters 3

Man vs Nature

Bad Habits, We All Have Them!

Air Train


City-Bound w Bags

Penn Station People


And Temperature

Subway Entertainers
Nick Heading to a Party

Nick with Gift for Party

Part of the Crowd

Home Turf with New Yorkers

New Yorker Colors

New York Family

Home Sweet Deli

Bonjour Mon Ami Cedric
Theo, le Chat de Cedric et Maria
Halloween Fun

Poorhan on Apartment Steps
Poorhan and Christina

Halloween 2

Nature Wins

Halloween 3

Free Stuff

Halloween Humor

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