Thursday, May 2, 2013

36 Days: Van Cortland Park

Van Cortland Park is an expansive area of wooded trails, bike paths, playgrounds, baseball fields, soccer fields, a swimming pool and the Van Cortland Museum, the oldest house in The Bronx.  Today I'm seeking shade along the John Muir Trail, a blissful oasis from the heat and noise of the city that's just blocks away.

Somehow straying from the main trail, I'm forced to walk alongside the highway for nearly a mile before finding a path that leads back down in to the park.  I'm not the first to have done this, as indicated from the sign near the path that reads, Nirvana, This Way.

As in life, there are blissful, quiet times and there are busy, noisy times, both internally and externally.  I work on retaining my sense of balance and peace during both, though I'll be the first to admit, I have a ways to go!

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