Wednesday, May 8, 2013

30 Days 2: My Saunter - 207 Street to 125 Street

Today, my goal was to walk the perimeter of Manhattan, from 207th Street to Battery Park, on the Hudson River side.

Walking in the rain was a welcome blessing from the hot days that have burned my cheeks, despite my multiple 100spf sunscreen applications.

Walking through north Harlem, the path was mostly paved, with a few dirt trails intersecting, and the distant hum of traffic surfacing now and then as I focused my attention on the George Washington Bridge peek-a-booking in and out of the low lying fog, the cool, grey waters of the Hudson River, the partially obscured view of New Jersey's communities of Port Imperial and Weehawken, and the sounds of woodland birds and annoyed chatting of squirrels.

During this five hour walk, I encountered just a handful of other people, mainly cyclists, but a couple of joggers as well, making for a mostly quiet, solo exploration.

Passing Riverside Park and nearing 125th Street, the trail weaves closer to the highway and my senses are soon assaulted by the ferocious noise of traffic. 

A stop at the fabulous Fairway food store for a lunch of salad and fruit feasted on at the Harlem Piers ends my saunter and relaxes me before I leave the river area and head in to the streets of the city to take in Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater. 

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