Thursday, May 9, 2013

29 Days: Sick Day

I have been feeling sick with a sore throat and deep cough for the past couple of days, so today I'm struggling to lay low and be still, to listen to what my body needs. This is very difficult for me at the best of times, let alone when I'm counting down my remaining days in the city.

So today, I restlessly try to rest...

Thanks to cold medicine, I sleep most of the day and wake as the sun is dipping behind the brownstones across the street.  The fading light casts shadows in front of my window, nudging me from beneath the sheets, in to layers and out in to the fresh air.

Prospect Park is an easy fifteen minute walk from my house and by the time I get to the park, I'm winded and exhausted, but so happy to be enjoying the last of the daylight.

Returning home, I try to not see this day as a wasted one, but rather, as an opportunity to give my body what it needs, resting my physical self while also resting my spirit and my mind.

Still, I'm antzy and eager to continue my walk around the perimeter of Manhattan, so back to bed I go, seeking a deep and healing sleep.

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