Saturday, May 11, 2013

27 Days 3: Coney Island Vaudeville

Tonight is the debut of Coney Island's Vaudeville show.  I'm crazy for all things Coney Island and am not going to miss this, no matter how sick I am!

Dragging myself out of bed and in to my shoes, I take the F train to Coney Island.  The original venue was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, and this small group of dedicated artists and workers have worked endlessly the past months to construct an alternate performance space.  

Tonight, 50 of us are tucked in to a small building, the back area of the original theater, shifting and talking amongst ourselves until light piano music fills the room and the emcee steps from behind the purple curtains to welcome us and to introduce the performers.  

The featured six performers entertain, amaze and delight us.  From card tricks, to pulling a rabbit and a dove from a hat (not at the same time!), to sawing Miss Coney Island in half, the evening is fun, energetic and lively, exactly what I'd hoped for.

I'd hoped to talk with some of the performers after the show, but having laryngitis made this impossible.  Next week, I'll return to take in the Strong Man competition.

For now, I take a spoonful of cold medicine, step back out of my shoes and drag myself back to bed.

Here's a short video clip of one of the performers:


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