Friday, May 17, 2013

21 Days 2: East River Walk - Part 2

Today I waited until late afternoon to walk, as the sun began to dip behind the tall buildings in Harlem.  Beginning at 145th Street, I wound my way along the East River where the bike trail hugged the shoreline, and then through the streets near 1st Avenue, in the sections where there was no trail.

Aside from a scattering of old men fishing for striped bass and perch, a couple of mothers walking with strollers, and a handful of what I assume to be homeless men hanging out in small tents beneath the bridges, this trail is blessedly quiet and free of the careening cyclists I've had to endure on other parts of shared path trails.

I cross the bridge to Randall's Island and tuck myself in along the shoreline to watch the sun set over midtown Manhattan.  My eyes devour the pale blue sky as it turns to grey and then purple and finally, midnight blue. Slowly, the lights of the city flicker on, illuminating the horizon and casting their reflections across the dark water, as the fishermen cast their lines.

 Here's a video of the sunset view from Randall's Island:

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