Sunday, May 19, 2013

19 Days: Strongman Competition in Coney Island

After last week's fun Vaudeville show in Coney Island, I return for the Strongman competition. I show up expecting the men to be young and to look like bodybuilders. To my surprise, the youngest man is 26 and the oldest is 92, and while they are very strong, they look like average guys.  Again and again these strong men impress the small but appreciate crowd that is huddled together under a mass of umbrellas, standing outside in the pouring rain.

After I watch Mike, 92, pull his 2006 Buick 20 feet down the street,with his mouth!!, I can't help but go up to him and shake his hand after the throngs of fans and media leave him and head off to see Slim bend frying pans.  This gentle strong man agrees to share his story with me and we make plans to meet up tomorrow.  

For now, my mouth gapes open in amazement at these incredible feats of strength that the men all insist is part physical strength and part mind control.

I soak it all in and then head, soaked, in to Tom's on the Boardwalk for hot chocolate and warmth.

I love Coney Island!!


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